Rev J.R. Bamber and Rev O.R. Craze.


Reg Bamber served as vicar from 1933 to 1948 and Romilly Craze was curate between 1937 and 1945.  Reg Bamber served in the Gloucestershire Regiment and was taken prisoner during the retreat to Dunkirk.  While he was away Romilly Craze was in charge of the parish.  He kept up the morale of the villagers and organised many fund raisin events and visited many families who had lost family members during the conflict.  He wrote regularly to those serving and sent gifts, usually of cigarettes, at Christmas to all whose addresses he had.  He kept records of as many as he could and the letters which he received were often printed in the Parish Magazines.  During the five years he named 45 men in the navy, 215 in the army, 87 in the R.A.F., 2 marines and 27 women who volunteered for service.  He left in 1945 to serve as a chaplain in the R.A.F.

supplied by: Janet Byard-Jones

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Squadron Leader Romilly Craze (Rom) came as RAF Chaplain at Air Headquarters (Operations), 2nd Tactical Air Force (or British Air Forces of Occupation. “BAFO”) BAOR, stationed at Bad Eilsen in Germany, just after I was posted there, my having landed on Omaha Beach during the d-day landings as part of a mobile Radar Unit to provide ground controlled fighter defence of the American assault troops and following the American battlefront up to the liberation of Paris.  Rom was a great mixer and sympathetic listener, and was instrumental in my, now sadly deceased late wife (at that time a serving WAAF) and me seeking Confirmation.  I seem to recall Rom also marrying a serving WAAF, with us being invited to the wedding and my future wife serving as a bridesmaid. But now being in my ninetieth year, it may be that I am confusing Rom with another officer as being the bridegroom!

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Rom was married to Tess and was vicar at St Peters Worcester and a Canon at the Cathederal

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