A Junior School class photograph, 1947.


Terence Kilby was appointed headmaster of the Junior School in 1946 after the retirement of Joe Pearson.  He had served as a major in the Royal Artillery during the war years and when he arrived at Wollaston he soon amalgamated the two schools, boys and girls, to form the Junior School.  He is standing on the left of the picture and the other member of staff on the right is Charles Rowberry who had taught at the Boys’ School since March 1908.  He was the senior master in 1946 and was in charge of the school after Joe Pearson’s death and when the headmaster was away on a course.  He retired in July 1952 after over 44 years at the school.
Standing next to Mr Rowberry is James Lane who contributed his memories of his time as a pupil in HOW’s book ‘A History of Wollaston Schools’ and is an active member of the church and in 2012 serves as churchwarden.

supplied by: HOW

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