An Inspector’s report about the Infants’ School.


The Inspectors’ reports were often more detailed for the older children in the Boys’ and Girls’  Schools.  This was a very brief report about the Infants’ School in the mid 1880s.  The head mistress, Ellen Lucas,  was appointed in 1867 and retired in 1909.  Her older sister, Elizabeth, was the head teacher of the Girls’ School between 1864 and 1891.  They came originally from Leicestershire and came to live in Duncombe Street where their parents joined them.
Both sisters had attended Whitelands Teacher Training College in London and when pupil teachers went to college many of them studied at Whitelands.
Ellen was born in October 1845 and died in May 1924.  For many years after her retirement she worked for the Church.

photo credit: Janet Byard-Jones

supplied by: St James's Primary School archive.

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