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A new walk has been added to the Royal Geographical Society’s website.  It gives details of a walk between the Bonded Warehouse and the Red House Glass Cone in Wordsley.  While the canal towpath is the other side of the River Stour and therefore not in Wollaston, it is relevant to Wollaston’s History as the growth of Wollaston came about in the 19th century through the expansion of the ironworks and glass works in the area.

photo credit: Mike Jackson © RGS-IBG Discovering Britain

supplied by: RGS

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Though the canal towpath is situated across the River Stour and not within Wollaston itself, it holds significance for Wollaston’s history. During the 19th century, Wollaston experienced growth through the expansion of nearby ironworks and glass works. Exploring this walk provides a glimpse into the area’s industrial past and its impact on the development of Wollaston. | elevator adjustment

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