Wollaston Garage


Wollaston Garage expanded over the years until it was a major landmark in the village.  In the late 1920s it became an agent for Bedford and Dodge trucks and by the early 1930s the firm was selling Morris and Wolsley cars and Morris commercial vehicles.  During the war the main activity was repair and maintenance of cars and commercial vehicles.  In 1977 it became a main dealership for British Leyland cars but this was terminated in 1982.  In 1984 they held the franchise for Vauxhall cars.  Repairs, MOTs and servicing remained an important part of the business.  Information about the founder and owner of the business, Eric Heynes, is found on another item about the garage. Eric’s sons, Paul and John, joined the company in the 1950s and their sister, Mary, also joined them as did members of the next generation.  Eventually it became difficult to compete with the large petrol stations and the garage finally closed early in the 21st century.  The site was acquired by the German supermarket chain, ALDI, and there is a picture of the building which is now on the site.

photo credit: HOW

supplied by: Janet Byard-Jones

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That looks like my sister Pam pumping the gas.

Sue matthews -

Thank you for putting together this collection of photographs and information about the garage throughout the years, it’s very interesting to see and reminisce. Adam son of Mark son of John son of Eric.

Adam Heynes -

I will like to get experience of being there after <a >weekend trips from san francisco</a>.

Doris -

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