High Park Farm


For many years High Park Farm had been farmed by the Whitmore family.  This photograph was taken in the early 1920s before Stourbridge Borough Council bought the land and decided to build much needed council houses there.  The development resulted in over 400 houses being built and the last were completed in 1931.  High Park Avenue was widened and the name of Whitmore was used as the name of one of the new roads.

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Hi I am doing some research into an old postcard I purchased from an antique shop in Aberystwyth Wales. It was posted to a Mr or Mrs W. Whitmore at High Park Farm Wallaston Stourbridge. THis photo could possibly be the family it was sent to???It was sent from a person called May or Mary? Do you have any more info on the family and any existing family still around today? I would love to return the Postcard to the family. I live in Australia. Any info on the family would be great. thanks Megan

Megan -

I have just been made aware of Megan’s comments on January 2012.  My husband is the grandson of the last owners of High Park farm, Wollaston. The postcard was probably sent to my father-in- law Walter….I have a lot of info. on the family, but I think we are the last holding the name from that branch at High Park though there are more descendents still living in the county.


J.Whitmore -

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tom greener -

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