The launch of HOW’s second book, 2007.


After the success of ‘A History of Wollaston’, it was proposed that a second book could be written concerning the history of the original Wollaston Schools.  Janet Byard-Jones was able to research and write the book as she had access to the schools’ log-books and admission registers.  The contents cover not just the life at the schools between 1859 and 1984, but also looks at the development of education, teacher training, a snapshot of village life in 1901 and contributions from past pupils, members of staff and parent-governors.
The book launch took place in the Church Hall and the photograph shows:- Anne Penn, headteacher of St James’s Primary School, Pat Burrage, HOW member, Alan Millichip, Chair of the Parochial Church Council, Paul Collins, Chair of HOW, Janet Byard-Jones, Linda Waltho, M.P. for Stourbridge, and the Mayor of Dudley, Councillor David Stanley.

photo credit: Graham Beckley

supplied by: Janet Byard-Jones

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