The Service of Dedication of the Memorial Vestry.


Reverend Hugh Wanstall was the second Vicar of St James’s.  He worked hard in the parish and was a much loved vicar.  He followed George Gilbanks who had been Vicar for 52 years.  He was a keen sportsman and had played rugby and football for Keble College when at Oxford and later rugby and cricket in Rugby where he was a curate.  He established a tennis club in Wollaston at the Vicarage and forged many links with the non-conformist churches in the area.  His sudden death at the age of 56 was met with great sorrow and the members of the congregation held a three day bazaar in 1935 to raise money to build a vestry in his memory.  Over £850 was collected and the Consecration of the Vestry took place on 3rd November 1935.

photo credit: Parish Magazines of St James's Church.

supplied by: Janet Byard-Jones

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