Wollaston tram terminus


Probably the most reproduced view of a tram in Wollaston. It shows KLR car No.46 posed with driver, conductor and some boys. For the opening of the line the company bought three double-decked cars – Nos.46-48 – with a view to using their high capacity on the line. However, when the line was inspected by the Board of Trade on the inauspicious date of 1 April 1901, they banned the use of double-deck cars on the line! This delayed the line’s opening until 5 April 1901 as the three cars were quickly shorn of their upper decks and turned into single-deckers. They remained in service until 1912 but retained the treads on their roofs where upper deck passengers were supposed to walk and rest their feet!

photo credit: Dr Paul Collinss

supplied by: Dr Paul Collins

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