Frank Nickless - Transport.


Frank Nickless is pictured here in the driving seat of one of his brakes.  He provided a service with his transport and advertised his businesses as follows: “F. Nickless - Coal Sold Here - Brake Hire & Private Parties Accommodated”.  He carried on his business from his cottage which stood near the junction of Bridgnorth Road and High Street.  The next door cottage became the site of William Edkins’ Repository, later the site of Wollaston Garage and now where Aldi Supermarket was built.

photo credit: HOW

supplied by: Janet Byard-Jones

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This is a photo of Frank Nickless not Fred Nickless, he was married to Fanny Tomlinson.  I supplied this photo from Canada to Mr. Collins way back before the first book was published.  Just wanted to let you know about the name.  Great site!

Cary -

Frank Nickless’s business, as depicted in the photo, was a testament to the local entrepreneurship of his time. His ability to offer multiple services, as indicated in his advertising, reflects the diversified nature of small businesses in the past. It’s intriguing how a humble cottage near a junction evolved into the site of various commercial establishments over the years, with Aldi Supermarket being the latest. It would be fascinating to see if any Periodic Reports or historical documents shed light on the economic and social changes in the area during this transformation.

joe lie -

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